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Class of 1955


Dwight Eisenhower is president of the US

Hurricane "Diane" claims 184 lives form North Carolina to New England

Rosa Parks refuses to give up her bus seat, which leads to bus segregation being declared unconstitutional

The AFL merges with the CIO, creating the nation's largest labor union

Dr. Jonas Salk discovers a vaccine for polio

The Scrabble board game debuts

Disneyland opens in Anaheim, California

Kevin Costner, John Grisham, Arsenio Hall, Steve Jobs, and Billy Bob Thornton are born

Charlie Parker, Albert Einstein, and James Dean die

Brooklyn Dodgers win the World Series

Cleveland Browns win the NFL champion ship

Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is published

Style Show 9th Grade

Style Show 10th Grade

Picture taken May 18, 2005 at Kozy Korner Diner, Baltimore, Ohio


       Left to Right,  Harry Landis,  Tom Roshon,  Gary McCafferty,  Bill Johnson,  Jimmie Mathias,  Dick Keller,  Ned Young.


For 2005

Bill Johnson,  Ned Young,  Gary McCafferty,  Paul Carpenter,  Roger Wolfe,Dave Schaffner,  Vilora (Clark) Severnce,  Jackie (Clum) Graeser,  Janis (Miller) Peters,  Edith Marie (Stilwell) Spiegel,  Connie (Foltz) Gerken,  Becky (Jackson)



Jim and Mary Mathias from the committee for the use of their home for our meetings. The committee hopes to see all the classmates at our next reunion And hopes the next committee get the support that this one did.



Class of 1955

Senior Class Trip to Washington DC 1955


                                        Madge (Byers) Spitler telling a story.