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Liberty Union High School Alumni Association

Class of 1960


Dwight Eisenhower is president of the US

Sit-ins being after 4 black college students in North Carolina refuse to move from a deli counter when denied service

A U-2 reconnaissance plane belonging to the US is shot down in the Soviet Union

Hurricane "Donna" strikes the East Coast causing over 100 deaths in the US and the Antilles

John F. Kennedy defeats Vice President Richard Nixon in the presidential race

Cassius Clay (who later took the name Muhammad Ali) wins his first professional fight

Michael Stipe, Tony Robbins, Bono, John F. Kennedy, Jr., and Jeffrey Dahmer are born

Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series

Philadelphia Eagles win the NFL championship

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is the top grossing film

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is published

The Beatles make their debut in Hamburg, Germany

The Flintstones debut


     Ivan Andrew Ety             Helen Kathrin Springer           Harriet Eloise Hill           Virginia Lee Brown  

          President                      Vice President                      Treasurer                        Secretary


       Cindy May Hanley            Linda Kaye Ewing            Dale Mark McManus      Charles Roy Stoughton


      Larry Dallas McCarty         Ruth Ann Messerly            Ronald Lee Bibler            Timothy Earl King


           Alonzo Estep             Karl Richard Hoffman           Carl Brenner Fox            Caron Lee Clark


     Nelson Leroy Deeter          Verna Kay Blauser          Carl Walter Budnick           Larry Wayne Bair


    Marion Frances Cahill       Shirley Marie Van Horn      Ronald Delano Hanes      Sharon Laverne Cuccio


    Nicholas Orland Eramq      Sandra Lee Stonerook    Richard Lee Nicodemus    Ronald Noel Schweitzer


     Carolyn Sue Gregory*    William Eugene Robinson*      Becky Sue Orr            Barry Dean McCafferty


       Linda Lou Dunlap           Portia Marie Wanger       Barry Thomas Detwiler        Judy Ann Blauser


                 Walter Elvin Vannatta              Patricia Sue Helmick           Kenneth Whittington




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5 Year Reunion 

55th Reunion

55th Reunion

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