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Liberty Union High School Alumni Association

Class of 1970


Richard Nixon is president of the US

A federal jury finds the "Chicago 7" innocent of conspiring to incite riots during the 1968 Democratic National Convention

The lunar spacecraft Apollo 13 splashes down in the Pacific after near catastrophe

The first Earth Day is marked by millions of Americans participating in anti-pollution demonstrations

At Kent State University, National Guardsmen fire into a crowd killing four student antiwar demonstrators

A powerful earthquake claims 50,000 lives in Peru

18 year olds are given the right to vote in federal elections

Tidal wave driven by cyclone from Bay of Bengal hits East Pakistan, killing hundreds of thousands

An anti-war rally is held at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, attended by John Kerry, Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland

Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey, Andre Agassi, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lopez, and Matt Damon are born

Baltimore Orioles win the World Series

Kansas City Chiefs win Superbowl IV

Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup

Tearjerker Love Story is the top grossing film

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou is published


Sugar Sugar by the Archies

I Can't Get Next to You by the Temptations

Suspicious Minds by Elvis

Wedding Bell Blues by the Fifth Dimension

Come Together/Something by the Beatles

Na Na Hey Hey by Steam

Leaving On a Jet Plane by Peter, Paul & Mary

Someday We'll Be Together by the Supremes

Raindrops by B.J. Thomas

I want you Back by the Jackson Five

Venus by Shocking Blue

Thank You (Falletin Me Be Myself) by Sly & the Family Stone

Bridg Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel

Let It Be by the Beatles

ABC by the Jackson Five

American Woman/No Sugar Tonight by the Guess Who

Everything is Beautiful by Ray Stevens

Long and Winding Road by the Beatles



Staff and Teachers

YearBook Staff

Tom Shreyer,Roberta Brengman, Jim Hawkins

Homecoming Queen and Football Captains

Senior's Fashion Show

Class Favorites

1970 State Homemakers

  Doug Brown        Craig Fisher                Georgia Stilwell

           All Ohio Boys Band                   All Ohio Youth Choir

Chorus Awards

Sheila Hiles   Craig Fisher

Outstanding Chorus Members

              Georgia Stilwell                            Doris E. Green

           Betty Crocker Award                County Heart Fund Queen

             Debbie Kilbarger               David Boyd      Keith Taylor

       FFA Chapter Sweetheart                 Senior FFA Awards

             Georgia Stilwell                       Roberta Brengman

            Journalism Award                       Thespian Award

          Debbie Kilbarger             J. Eversole, G. Stilwell, D. Romano

 Sweet Corn Festival Candidate          Outstanding Teenagers


                   Track Queen                         Girls State

                    Jill Eversole               Georgia Stilwell Terri Bretch

Kathy Hanley Miss Scottie Land Queen


Kathy Hanley Teen Queen on Front Cover of Woodall's Magazine!


The Class of 1970 Contributed Class Funds to Purchase the Letters

that once Adorned the West Building in Lieu of a Class Trip

the words read


You can see the Letters in the picture above. No one seems to know what happened to them or when they were unceremoniously removed.


Class Reunions - Click on year below to see pictures.

35th   40th

Bob George (Pres.)       Byron Thompson (VP)      Mary Crutcher (Sec.)*      Jane Miller (Treas)

Jack Abbott       Henry Barnett         Beverly Boundurant          Dan Boyd

David Boyd               Roberta Brengman         Teri Bretch             Doug Brown

Marion Cahill*       Judy Carpenter          Gary Chaffin               Bill Cooper

Bob Cottrill*              Connie Cripps*                Janet Davis          Pam Edgecombe

Jill Eversole              Richard Fast             Craig Fisher            Mark Forbes

Bonnie George          John Gilmer             Doris E. Green             Doris L. Green

Kathy Hanley                 Jim Hawkins               Mike Hawkins            Sheila Hiles*

Frances (Vanatta) Hite            Rita Hizey*     Bonnie Iser*         Christine Jackson

Mark Jividen              Margaret Keller             Paul Kennedy           Gary Kern

Debbie Kilbarger         John Kinser           Dee (Richards) Laver     Lorraine Laver

Larry Legg             Greg Leveck             Micki (George) Long      Terry McCandlish

Arlene McDaniel        Chris McManus        Kay Messerly             Shirley Miller

Rollie Mohler          Steve Moore              Rita Morris           Linda Moss

Gary Osborne        Wilma Persinger        Everett Phillips         Maureen Phillips

Brad Reedy*          Debbie(Harrison) Rhodes       Debbie Romano        Joyce Ruckman*

Richard Sager           Larry Sanders           Debbie Scott           Tom Shreyer

Karen Smeck          Wilma Sparks         Lorraine Stevens       Georgia Stilwell*

Greg Taylor             Keith Taylor           Debbie Thompson      Joyce Thompson

Jerry Tolliver         William Tschopp           Brenda Turley       Jean Tussing

  Linda Vincent            Richard Webb           Patsy Welch         Janet Whitson

Not Pictured:  Bruce Asmussen    Dale Swank     Bill Vincent                                * Denotes Deceased

1969 Junior Class

1968 Sophomores

Freshman 1967

8th Grade 1966

6th Grade 1964 Mrs. Phillips

5th Grade 1963 Mrs. Grube 

5th Grade 1963 Mrs. Maze

4th Grade 1962 Mrs. Dupler

4th Hanna

4th Grade 1962 Mrs. Hanna

4thGrade 1962 Mrs. Kiger

3rd Grade 1961 Mrs. Fisher

3rd Grade 1961 Mrs. Trimmer

2nd Grade 1960 Mrs. Dern

2nd Grade 1960 Mrs. Wooster

1st Grade 1959 Mrs. Foust

Kindergarten 1958 Mrs. Weaver