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Class of 1973


Richard Nixon is president of the US

Supreme Court rules in Roe vs. Wade that states may not prevent a woman from having an abortion during the first trimester

US announces the end of the military draft

Spiro T. Agnew resigns after pleading no contest to charges of tax evasion while governor of Maryland

Gerald R. Ford becomes the first appointed vice president under the 25th Amendment

A total ban on oil exports to the US for six months is imposed by Arab nations after the outbreak of an Arab-Israeli war

President Richard Nixon announces that a peace accord has been reached in Vietnam

Drea de Matteo, Tori Spelling, Carson Daly, Monica Lewinsky, and Kate Beckinsale are born

Oakland Athletics win the World Series

Miami Dolphins win Superbowl VII

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

The Exorcist and American Graffiti are top grossing films

Elvis Presley's Aloha From Hawaii television special is seen around the world by more than 1 billion viewers

KISS performs their first concert, at the Coventary Club in Queens

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack wins a Grammy for song of the year

Schoolhouse Rock premieres



Jillinda Arledge           Brenda Barnett             Cathy Barnett           Kelly Burgoon

    Perry Chaffin                 Rich Clum               Debbie Collier           Sam Daniels

      Nancy Davis              Dennis Dixon              Nancy Duffy               Joy Eversole

   Greg Fisher            Shannon Fitzgibbon          Janet Friedrich            Tom Gambill

        Jack Garey*           James George            Pam George             Brenda Ganing

   Ramond Green          Greg Guisinger         Mitch Harrison            Cheryl Henderly

  Eddie Henderly            Judy Hodge              Cathy Holbrook             John Hooker

David Hutton*             Steve Jackson             Ruben Jones           Susan Jones

   Bob Keggy             Marilyn Kennedy        Kathy Kilbarger                Don King

    Jim Kinser              Dave Klampfoth           Dave Landis                Judy Legg

   Tom Leitnaker             Connie LeVeck           Michelle Long              Steve Lyons

Bob Masheter             Mimi McDaniel               Larry McGill              Craig Miller

      David Miller               Mark Myers               Darla Newsome            Terry Osborne

  Tom Paumier           Shirley Persinger           Angie Phillips            Marlin Phillips

  Rhonda Pullins            Steve Reedy               David Reese             Jeryl Robinson

Dan Roshon               John Ruckman         Kim Saurbrei               Vicki Scott

   Bob Smeck              Sarah Smith             Roxanne Smurr          Tom Smyers

Lavonna Stevens            Jeff Stalder              Randy Stalder            Mel Stalter

    Mike Taylor              Keith Thomas             Carl Tschopp            *Rita Vanatta

Stephanie VanHorn        Janie Wells            Denisa Whittington          Jeff Wiley

    Rodney Willard            Susan Willard               Greg Wilson         Dee Ann Wooster



Kathy Black

Nancy Bolen

Jerry Davis

Keith Eschabugh

Mike Kern

Gary Luckey

Debbie Lyons

Dick McGarvey

Jim Stoneburner

Karen Tucker

Susan Will

* Denotes Deceased   

1970 Freshman

7th Grade

Craig, this is my 6th grade class picture, held in the Thurston School, 1966-67 school year . This is the first year that LU-T began holding classes at Thurston after the merger. If I recall correctly, classes four, five, and six were bused and held over there. The class of '73 went there one year, and were back at LU for grades seven and up. Students are ; frt. row,l-r : Vicki Scott, Kelly Hoshor, myself, Cheryl Henderly, Jeff Wiley, Dan Roshon, Carl Tschopp, Sarah Smith. Second row: Charles B. Cooley- teacher, Don King, Lanny McGill, Phyllis Eldridge, Jillinda Arledge, Roxanne Smurr, Lavonna Stevens, Kim Sauerbrei, David Reese. Third row: Janet Clum, Darla Jividen, Greg Guisinger, Jeryl Robinson, James George, Dee Wooster, Rick Clum, Gary Webb. Fourth row: Greg Forbes, Greg Fisher, Susan Jones, Wayne Burns, Tom Leitnaker, Shirley Persinger, Judy Hodge.
If I recall, there were 3 -sixth grade classes over there, and Ray Jones' wife, Mariam had a class and I can't recall who had the other one. Ronald Packard was the principal . ( he did use a board, if necessary. Yes,Craig, if you are wondering, I had a demonstration !! ) Hopefully someone else can help out further.

Jerry Davis


Memorial for diseased members at 2013 reunion.


2013 40th Reunion