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  Harold Landon  Cecil "Pud"  Fisher Class of 1940

Fred Burrows (1962)                                       Harold Landon (1966)                                 Cecil "Pud" Fisher (1940)

           Ralph Unkle

                                                                                                 Ralph W. Unkle (Class of 1933 

CH (Cpt) Jeffrey S. Harper class of 1983  Ric and Jeff Whittington  Walter Vannatta in Viet Nam 1966  Terry Sager

CH (Cpt) Jeffrey S. Harper1983                 Ric & Jeff Whittington              Walter Vannatta in Viet Nam 1966                    Terry Sager

Chris LandisChris

Chris Landis (1986) 

Celebration of the return of POWs from Viet Nam

Paul Von Ins              Randy Long   Bob Long

Col. Paul R. Von Ins, U.S.A.F  Ckass of 1941           Randy Long , Marines, Class of 1971                        Bob Long, USARMY

Craig Slaughter   

Craig Slaughter (U.S.A.F.)

Class of 1969

The photo was taken in 1970 just before he was awarded Airman of the Month - the official letter stated...Craig E. Slaughter was awarded Airman of the Month by USAF Colonel William C. Brookbank, the commander at Kingsley Field Air Force Base. The letter stated, “You have demonstrated superior attributes in job performance, leadership, military bearing and appearance. Further, you have provided an exemplary model for your contemporaries to strive for and follow.”  ~Annie Warmke


 Gary Sims           Larry Wills

Gary Simms Class of 1966                                                                                                       Larry Wills

Doug WeeklyDoug

Douglas A. Weakley, Class of 1959

Served with the 338th Army Reserve Band for 10 years, 122nd Ohio Army National Guard Band for 6 years, and received a direct commission as Warrant Officer in the Selective Service System. While on active duty, he was assigned as a Bugler with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC and later with the 18th Airborne Corps. Doug retired from the US Army in 1988 and is a Certified Army Bugler.

Dayton Strickland

Dayton Strickland, Class of 1966, Army & Air Force Exchange Service European headquarters Munich, Germany

Dan Paumier   Bill Johnson   Bill Woolard

USAF C-130A/C-141A/B/C-123K/C-17 Loadmaster, (Class of 1967)                                    Bill Johnson, (Class of 1955)                                         William "Bill" Woolard, (Class of 1939)

Michael Gassman    Chuck Waite    Robin Pierce

Michael Gassman                                                                                           Chuck Waite                                                                     Robin Pierce, (Class of 1982)

Micah McCreery  Amber Insabella    Skeet Albin

Micah McCreery                                                 Amber Insabella                                         Skeet Albin

Steve Fitch          Staney Young     Rick Yost

Steve Fitch, Navy, (Class of 1966)                       Stanley W. Young, 3-7-65/3-8-13 (Class of 1983)                                          Rick Yost

George Stilwell

George Stilwell (Class of 1942)


Cassy O'Rouke    Dana Hoisington     Ryan Hoisington     Rodney Grayson   Jack Laver    Bill Woolard     Bill Moore    Dave Young    Casey O'Rouke    Rodney Grayson   Andy Adams   Bill Daughtery   Lee Bailey

Ed Arledge, (Class of 1980)     Lester Frasure, (Class of 1980)     Sherri VanBibbler, (Class of 1980)    John Lyons, (Class of 1980)    Danny Howell, (Class of 1968)    Jake Fornshell, (Class of 2003)    Victor Hakes, (Class of 2007)

Jim Weidner, Vietnam, US Navy, (Class of 1961)      Charles Wills     Lynn Daft, (Class of 1955)     Ed Byers, (Class of 1955)     Dick Keller, (Class of 1955)    Jerry Roberts,(Class of 1955)    Dave Schaffner, (Class of 1955)

Terry Schaffner, (Class of 1955)    Jerry Searls, (Class of 1955)    Bill Urquhart,  (Class of 1955)   Ned & Ted Young, (Class of 1955)   Roger wolfe, (Class of 1955)


H. . Schoffner  D.F.Eveland   Kenneth E. Mason

H. H. Schoffner    D. F. Eveland    Kenneth E. Mason  (all of Class of 1944)